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Mention a step fitness class and it usually conjures up images of aerobics-style choreographed routines introduced by Gin Miller in the Eighties. 

Luckily, with JBPT PowerStep, you don't need legwarmers OR dance-style coordination to enjoy the benefits of step exercise!  

We use simple step movements in all planes of motion designed to improve both cardiovascular health and muscular endurance. A great example of compound exercise, stepping focuses on the largest muscle groups in the body: the glutes in the bottom which extend and abduct the hip, and the quadriceps in the thighs which extend the knee as you step up.  This makes it perfect for toning both the bum and the thighs.  You have the choice to perform each step exercise using a height of either 15cm (for beginners), 20cm (intermediate) or 26cm (advanced), making it suitable for all fitness levels.  Low impact options are offered for each exercise for beginners or anyone returning from injury.



In JBPT PowerStep, the step is complemented by another deceptively simple piece of equipment - gliding discs.  These discs are designed to slide or "glide" across a hard floor surface with low friction when pushed or pulled under the hands or feet.  By elongating the muscular time under tension, they offer a highly effective method of core training. Gliding disc exercises such as "Froggy Circles" are becoming firm favourites amongst our class members!  Join us and stay one step ahead on your fitness mission this summer!



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