Jules Weight Loss Podcast

6 Ways to Start Living Life in 2017

JB Personal Training Founder Julie Boyle gives expert advice on how to lose weight by challenging and eliminating certain behaviours.

12.01.2017 Julie Boyle

Weekend Motivation

Have you fallen into the trap of being "on it" during the week and "off it" at the weekends? Then listen in to Julie Boyle's latest podcast on how to avoid this destructive pattern.

02.12.2016 Julie Boyle

Would You Like To Train With Me?

How would you like to train with Swindon's toughest trainer? You have to be ready to ditch the excuses and be 100% committed!

29.11.2016 Julie Boyle

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

JB Personal Training's Founder and Weight Loss expert Julie Boyle discusses how your mindset may be stopping you moving forward when it comes to exercise and embracing being active.

28.11.2016 Julie Boyle

Morning Motivation

JB Personal Training's Founder and Weight Loss expert Julie Boyle gives you a motivational boost for those mornings when you are not feeling it!

22.11.2016 Julie Boyle

When It All Goes Wrong

Weight Loss Expert Julie Boyle shares her advice on how to handle the common situation when you have lost weight but it has started to creep up again.

11.11.2016 Julie Boyle

How Do I Lose Weight Without Dieting?

Weight Loss Expert Julie Boyle describes the change in mindset required to lose weight and keep it off indefinitely without dieting.

10.11.2016 Julie Boyle
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